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Because I Care

Excalibur Food Dehydrator


Excalibur Food Dehydrator

You are asking, why in the world would I put this on my site, and I guess you could say, I believe that we are to help each other and when we find something that will help us in our journey here on earth we should share it with our sisters and brothers in Christ. I don’t get anything for putting this on my site but it could be a help to you. here is Excalibur’s official web site. I have also placed it in my FavoritesExcalibur’s Offical Site

If you order an Excalibur I suggest you buy it from Excalibur’s official site, you may call them as we did, however ordering from them you actual are assured of receiving your dehydrator.

A friend named Tammy  ordered from another site and never received her unit. She then placed an order direct from the Excalibur’s official site. Tammy knows of others who ordered from other web sites aswell and didn’t get there units either. We ordered our directly from Excalibur without any troubles at all.

I have one Excalibur which I have only had for a few months and also have a 20 year old Vita Mix Harvester stackable dehydrator which you can’t buy anymore. Although, there are other units that are stackable on the market.

I love both of my machines, however I cannot use frozen foods in my stackable dehydrator because the fan and the motor are in the bottom, then when the foods drip it destroys the motor and fan. So do not use frozen foods in a stackable unit… the Excalibur fan and motor are in the back of the unit so when frozen foods drip it does not harm the machine.

The Excalibur comes with a timer or without depending on which you want.

Oh speaking of Tammy she does a LOT of dehydrating and she has two Excaliburs and is getting another one for Christmas this year, she not only dehydrates for her family but for others. She also has a web site you can go to at: – you will really enjoy this site. I have also placed it in my Favorites under Tammy’s Dehydrating Site 



Dehydrating Foods

scan0001Times are tough and we need to take a lesson from the 10 virgin in the Bible – remember some were ready and had oil in their lamps and others had to beg for oil and ended up leaving to find oil, when the Bride Groom came – the wise  went in – but the ones who were foolish were left out.

Stop and think about the times in which we are living… if you set aside food for your family and times do get bad, you will have food for your family, if times get better then your pantry has a supply for you still to feed your family from.

There is a web site I highly recommend… have it in my favorites under Tammy’s Dehydrating Site. The site is owned by a lady named Tammy and she has filled it with so many tips and helpful things to help you along your journey of dehydrating, even videos on how to.  You can also find her videos on U-Tube.

You ask — why I am suggesting dehydrating and here is my reason… 1 bushel of tomatoes = 32 quart jars of canned tomatoes –  but that same bushel will dehydrate down to 2 quart jars – it takes much less storage space — not only that but dehydrating retains much more of the enzymes – vitamins and minerals than any other method of preserving your food.

I do not know what will happen, as I am not God but I think God has taught us many times to be prepared. I hope you are among the wise and prepare for what could befall us in America, be ready to care for those you love.


Happy Mother’s Day

My Love

By: Harold F. Mohn

When all the flowers have faded
And fallen fast away,
You’ll find my love unchanging
And constant each new day.

When all the leaves have left the trees
And left them standing bare,
And just for you to share.

When snow and cold pervade the air
And wintertime is here,
My love will always keep you warm
And fill your heart with cheer

Mother Bear and her cubs Public DomainWhat love a mother has for her children, like a mother bear will defend her children to the death. Her eyes are always open for dangers as she tries to teach her cubs to live in a world of woes.

Many mothers since World War II have worked outside their home not only meeting the needs of the home and the children, but helping to make the family living. Now a days many mothers have found ways to stay home and work, some bake, do crafts or sew, while some teach lessons in their homes. I even know of a few who are computer smart and are building them or creating web or blog sites for people. Some sell from their homes their goods, or go to the farmers markets. This way they can stay home with their children, and yet all mothers cannot do this.

Mother’s of today are far different from the mothers of the past, most are not home when the children come home from school. Now these children are either sent to a sitter or are given a key to get into the house quickly and lock the door behind them, and are told not let a soul know they are there alone. Many Mothers do not take their children to church – some send them but never cross the church doorway themselves.

As an artist I think a lot about values, most of you won’t understand what I’m talking about, until I tell you it is shades from white to black and how to translate that to a sheet of paper, or in a painting. Values are the most important part of an artist work. If they are not correct your objects will be flat or your shadows will fall where they should not. Values are more important than color.

Values in a child’s life are also one of the most important things in developing a child into a responsible person, but these values need to be Christian values. Without these values our nation is falling apart at every turn. The people who install these values in a child are the parents and grandparents – schools can’t do it, churches are failing to do it, friends can’t do it. Remember your children are the leaders of tomorrow in this country. Are you raising a liberal or a conservative, are you raising a Christian or a hellion? Take time with your children they are with you for such a short time, you have very few years to instill in them a Christ likeness.

To all the mothers who are reading this today, I challenge you to seek what is important and to let the rest go. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families, enjoying and cherishing each and every moment with them.

Live is short – don’t’ miss out on the hugs and the kisses, or the friendships with them. So often your children grow up – move away – and are so busy in their lives you hardly know their there.

Dad Part 4

Old Mail Truck Public DomainI hope this leaves you with the knowledge that God is in control of everything.

You know how when someone you love is dieing and you aren’t ready to let go, well I thought I had to be with Dad when he died and I was at the hosptial every moment I could be. I helped care for him that last 6 weeks he was in the hospital. He suffered greatly and I had learned what to do to help relieve the pain. When he was stronger he would hold his hands tightly to his head but when he became week I held my hands to his head till the nurses would come with more morphine. My Dad was always there for me no matter what, and God gave me time to be with him and to care for him in his last days and weeks. It is something I will never regret. My sisters lived out of town and I know if they could have they too would have been there caring for him, which two of them were able to do his last few days.

I decided after my sisters came to town I needed to go home and rest as I was totally worn out. When I arrived home I then went to my room and fell flat on the floor and I cried and cried and cried. I settled things with God; I told him if you want me to be with Dad when he dies I would be there. If you don’t want me to be with him when he died I won’t and I would accept it.

Hard? You bet it was, but God would not take my Dad until He had prepared each and every one of us and He was teaching us lessons along the way. I had just got into bed around 7:00 AM, when my children came to my room and said “Mom you said you would take us up to see grandpa today.” I had promised them I would – so I got out of bed and dressed and loaded the kid’s bikes in an old mail truck we had, as I decided I going to stay at the hospital and let them ride their bikes home. When we got to the hospital I saw the biggest change in my Dad ever. My children were shocked and after their visit I could not let my children go home alone so I decided I needed to be with them. So we went out and got a hamburger and fries and then I went home to stay with them.

All day I wanted to go to the hospital, I kept feeling the pull I had to go – but I told myself I needed to rest for what was about to take place and I needed to be with my family who was hurting as much as I was. About 5:00 PM- I’m in my PJ’s and the phone rang. Dad’s friend called from the hospital and said to my husband you need to come to the hospital now! So my husband who thought of my Dad as the only Father he had and he loved Dad so, not thinking started out the door and I told him to wait that I needed to change my clothes. We told the kids we needed to go to the hospital and would be home as soon as we could.

We ran to the car, drove to the corner – turned – went a block, the light was green and so we proceeded, drove 2 blocks and the light was red. My heart sunk – I told my husband to run the light. He firmly said to me “No if someone was in this car dying I would but there is nothing we can do” I was angry – really angry! Then all of a sudden my mouth opened and I started singing “Praise God from who all blessing flow, praise Him all creature here below, praise Him above ye heavenly host, praise Father – Son and Holy Ghost.” I was really hurting and said to my husband “Why did I sing that, Dad is dieing? Yet God did deserve all my praise, and was in the process of showing me that He was in total control of even the events of Dad’s passing.

We arrived at the hospital – the ride up the elevator seemed like it was forever, we started down the hall and Mother came hurrying toward us, she reached out her hands to me – holding my hands she said “Daddy is gone, he left so peacefully there was only one thing we could do -we all joined hands and sang – you guessed it – “Praise God from who all blessing flow, praise Him all creatures here below, praise Him above ye heavenly host, praise Father – Son and Holy Ghost.”

Even though I was in the car somehow the Lord laid it upon my heart to sing the same song at the same time with those who were holding hands with Dad around his bed. It all worked out to bring praise and glory to the Lord of Lord’s and the King of Kings, even in the time of my Dad’s passing. God had me right were He wanted me to be and I will never question that.

Now I ask myself “Just why Lord am I writing all this? – What difference can it make? Then the thought came to my mind; it is for one of you to let you know that no matter what you are walking through the Lord will not leave you, it is just another way He is telling you – that He is working on your behalf and that He loves you in your darkest hours too – as well as telling you He is your help in all your times of need. I can tell you one thing for sure and that is He is always there for His children.

His child and your sister,

Dad Part 3

Chemo Therapy Bag Public DomainIn the months Dad was taking Chemo Therapy I took off work and took him to the doctor, we would sit and talk together while the fluid was working its way into his arm. One day he hurt so bad after one of his session, when we got home he sat at the table as he always did and he was trying to rub his muscles but was having difficult, so I rubbed his arms, his neck, his head and even massaged his face, then he said his legs were just aching terribly, so I got down on the floor and rubbed his legs and feet and noticed that he had fallen asleep right there at the table.

That day I understood Martha and how she felt, as she tried to meet the needs of those who had gathered in her home, as well as meeting the needs of Christ. I think at times we are like Martha meeting needs and then there are other times in our lives we are like Mary sitting at the feet of the Lord, gleaning every morsel we can from His word. So often Martha is put down by pastors – and yet she was ordained by the Lord before the foundation of the world to be and to do the things she did and in her way she was meeting the needs of Christ and of others.

As I sat at Dad’s feet on the floor rubbing his aching muscles I thought that soon I would never be able to hear him speak his words of wisdom, or to have him put his arm around me as we stood in the kitchen doorway, it was his way of telling Mom, all of us girls and his grandchildren that he loved us. Nor would we see him sitting on the couch with mother beside him or doing all the things he did, even the look he gave us when we did something that displeased him. Those would soon be gone. There on that floor as I understood Martha and Mary I also understood how they must have felt when Jesus died.

Whether you are serving like Martha or able to glean from the Words of our Almighty God cherish those moments of your life because in reality even in serving, you are able to draw nearer to the side of your Blessed Saviour.

Dad – Part 2

Dad & children Public DomainI shared a little with you, of when my Father was dieing some time back and thought I would share a little bit more in part two and have discovered they will be a two more parts soon for you to read also.

Dad like all humans made mistakes, he learned lesson as we all do, but I can say he gave me a picture of Christ, as my Dad could do anything, he loved his family and worked ever so hard to make a living for us. See Christ can do anything, He loved His children to the end, He came with a purpose and he fulfilled it at the cross, giving His life for His own. My Father in many ways was a good example of our Lord and it was easy to love Christ my Saviour as my Father because I knew that I could trust Him with any thing and I knew He was strong enough to do anything.

Not only this but Dad set an example which also helped me to see my husband as a man who could do anything and a man who I know I can trust with my love as I know he loves me too.

I had a neighbor once who had a hard time with the love of God as a Father because all she had was a picture of her dad and his evil ways.

So each time you look at your child take time to think that you might be the picture of what Christ is or what He is not. And that you are leaving that message with them. We made some mistakes raising our children and we would be the first to admit it, but there are two things I think we did right and that is we loved our children deeply and even in the hard lessons we sought out Christ as our only answer and stepped forward in faith that He would do what was best for them, putting our full trust in Him. Those times were some of the hardest times for us, but God never let us down. And second we tried our best to bring them up in the Lord – even there we made some mistakes, as we raised them in an Arminian church because we didn’t know any better and if we had it to do over again we would raise them in a Reformed church so that they would understand the Sovereignty of God and that God loves His elect children from before the foundation of the world. What love a Father has for His own!

Our children are gifts from God and He entrusted them to us, to bring them up in His ways and to be His representative here on earth to them.

Cherish each and every moment you are allowed with your children as time goes by so quickly. Take the moments and second to show forth Christ as much as you can, because there will come a day, mark my word that your children will move away, you might not hear from them or see them for months or years as they lead their own lives and yet they will always be on your heart.

Dad’s time to impart truth and wisdom to his children and grandchildren, and my time to learn from him is gone. We of course are still here and we still have time to impress godly principles and truths to our children and grandchildren. We have no idea how long we will live, nor how much time the Lord grants to us, so we must use every chance we get to teach them the things that we have learned over a lifetime, while taking time if we can to enjoy times in the kitchen, reading books, fellowshipping together and just giving and receiving hugs which convey the love you have for your family.

Life is short – It is your hour – use it!
Think and Ponder!