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Little Bits

Let us think of these things, and entreat the Lord to cast the salt of His grace into the fountain of our hearts–that the streams of our conversation may be wholesome. (John Newton)

Lord when things do not go my way

Lord when things do not go my way – help me to understand you are directing my path and that You have ordained – yes all things that do come to pass. Increase my faith so that I may understand how You are guiding me and that I may have the strength to endure all the things You set before me. Help me to see that when I don’t get my way, that Your way is better for me. help me to see you might have a purpose for things I get upset over.

My Life Is Totally In Your Hands Today Dear Lord!

Create In Us A Clean Heart Oh God!

Victory In Jesus – My Saviour and My Lord!

Face To Face I Shall Behold Him