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Dad – Part 2

Dad & children Public DomainI shared a little with you, of when my Father was dieing some time back and thought I would share a little bit more in part two and have discovered they will be a two more parts soon for you to read also.

Dad like all humans made mistakes, he learned lesson as we all do, but I can say he gave me a picture of Christ, as my Dad could do anything, he loved his family and worked ever so hard to make a living for us. See Christ can do anything, He loved His children to the end, He came with a purpose and he fulfilled it at the cross, giving His life for His own. My Father in many ways was a good example of our Lord and it was easy to love Christ my Saviour as my Father because I knew that I could trust Him with any thing and I knew He was strong enough to do anything.

Not only this but Dad set an example which also helped me to see my husband as a man who could do anything and a man who I know I can trust with my love as I know he loves me too.

I had a neighbor once who had a hard time with the love of God as a Father because all she had was a picture of her dad and his evil ways.

So each time you look at your child take time to think that you might be the picture of what Christ is or what He is not. And that you are leaving that message with them. We made some mistakes raising our children and we would be the first to admit it, but there are two things I think we did right and that is we loved our children deeply and even in the hard lessons we sought out Christ as our only answer and stepped forward in faith that He would do what was best for them, putting our full trust in Him. Those times were some of the hardest times for us, but God never let us down. And second we tried our best to bring them up in the Lord – even there we made some mistakes, as we raised them in an Arminian church because we didn’t know any better and if we had it to do over again we would raise them in a Reformed church so that they would understand the Sovereignty of God and that God loves His elect children from before the foundation of the world. What love a Father has for His own!

Our children are gifts from God and He entrusted them to us, to bring them up in His ways and to be His representative here on earth to them.

Cherish each and every moment you are allowed with your children as time goes by so quickly. Take the moments and second to show forth Christ as much as you can, because there will come a day, mark my word that your children will move away, you might not hear from them or see them for months or years as they lead their own lives and yet they will always be on your heart.

Dad’s time to impart truth and wisdom to his children and grandchildren, and my time to learn from him is gone. We of course are still here and we still have time to impress godly principles and truths to our children and grandchildren. We have no idea how long we will live, nor how much time the Lord grants to us, so we must use every chance we get to teach them the things that we have learned over a lifetime, while taking time if we can to enjoy times in the kitchen, reading books, fellowshipping together and just giving and receiving hugs which convey the love you have for your family.

Life is short – It is your hour – use it!
Think and Ponder!

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