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Dad Part 3

Chemo Therapy Bag Public DomainIn the months Dad was taking Chemo Therapy I took off work and took him to the doctor, we would sit and talk together while the fluid was working its way into his arm. One day he hurt so bad after one of his session, when we got home he sat at the table as he always did and he was trying to rub his muscles but was having difficult, so I rubbed his arms, his neck, his head and even massaged his face, then he said his legs were just aching terribly, so I got down on the floor and rubbed his legs and feet and noticed that he had fallen asleep right there at the table.

That day I understood Martha and how she felt, as she tried to meet the needs of those who had gathered in her home, as well as meeting the needs of Christ. I think at times we are like Martha meeting needs and then there are other times in our lives we are like Mary sitting at the feet of the Lord, gleaning every morsel we can from His word. So often Martha is put down by pastors – and yet she was ordained by the Lord before the foundation of the world to be and to do the things she did and in her way she was meeting the needs of Christ and of others.

As I sat at Dad’s feet on the floor rubbing his aching muscles I thought that soon I would never be able to hear him speak his words of wisdom, or to have him put his arm around me as we stood in the kitchen doorway, it was his way of telling Mom, all of us girls and his grandchildren that he loved us. Nor would we see him sitting on the couch with mother beside him or doing all the things he did, even the look he gave us when we did something that displeased him. Those would soon be gone. There on that floor as I understood Martha and Mary I also understood how they must have felt when Jesus died.

Whether you are serving like Martha or able to glean from the Words of our Almighty God cherish those moments of your life because in reality even in serving, you are able to draw nearer to the side of your Blessed Saviour.

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