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Dad Part 4

Old Mail Truck Public DomainI hope this leaves you with the knowledge that God is in control of everything.

You know how when someone you love is dieing and you aren’t ready to let go, well I thought I had to be with Dad when he died and I was at the hosptial every moment I could be. I helped care for him that last 6 weeks he was in the hospital. He suffered greatly and I had learned what to do to help relieve the pain. When he was stronger he would hold his hands tightly to his head but when he became week I held my hands to his head till the nurses would come with more morphine. My Dad was always there for me no matter what, and God gave me time to be with him and to care for him in his last days and weeks. It is something I will never regret. My sisters lived out of town and I know if they could have they too would have been there caring for him, which two of them were able to do his last few days.

I decided after my sisters came to town I needed to go home and rest as I was totally worn out. When I arrived home I then went to my room and fell flat on the floor and I cried and cried and cried. I settled things with God; I told him if you want me to be with Dad when he dies I would be there. If you don’t want me to be with him when he died I won’t and I would accept it.

Hard? You bet it was, but God would not take my Dad until He had prepared each and every one of us and He was teaching us lessons along the way. I had just got into bed around 7:00 AM, when my children came to my room and said “Mom you said you would take us up to see grandpa today.” I had promised them I would – so I got out of bed and dressed and loaded the kid’s bikes in an old mail truck we had, as I decided I going to stay at the hospital and let them ride their bikes home. When we got to the hospital I saw the biggest change in my Dad ever. My children were shocked and after their visit I could not let my children go home alone so I decided I needed to be with them. So we went out and got a hamburger and fries and then I went home to stay with them.

All day I wanted to go to the hospital, I kept feeling the pull I had to go – but I told myself I needed to rest for what was about to take place and I needed to be with my family who was hurting as much as I was. About 5:00 PM- I’m in my PJ’s and the phone rang. Dad’s friend called from the hospital and said to my husband you need to come to the hospital now! So my husband who thought of my Dad as the only Father he had and he loved Dad so, not thinking started out the door and I told him to wait that I needed to change my clothes. We told the kids we needed to go to the hospital and would be home as soon as we could.

We ran to the car, drove to the corner – turned – went a block, the light was green and so we proceeded, drove 2 blocks and the light was red. My heart sunk – I told my husband to run the light. He firmly said to me “No if someone was in this car dying I would but there is nothing we can do” I was angry – really angry! Then all of a sudden my mouth opened and I started singing “Praise God from who all blessing flow, praise Him all creature here below, praise Him above ye heavenly host, praise Father – Son and Holy Ghost.” I was really hurting and said to my husband “Why did I sing that, Dad is dieing? Yet God did deserve all my praise, and was in the process of showing me that He was in total control of even the events of Dad’s passing.

We arrived at the hospital – the ride up the elevator seemed like it was forever, we started down the hall and Mother came hurrying toward us, she reached out her hands to me – holding my hands she said “Daddy is gone, he left so peacefully there was only one thing we could do -we all joined hands and sang – you guessed it – “Praise God from who all blessing flow, praise Him all creatures here below, praise Him above ye heavenly host, praise Father – Son and Holy Ghost.”

Even though I was in the car somehow the Lord laid it upon my heart to sing the same song at the same time with those who were holding hands with Dad around his bed. It all worked out to bring praise and glory to the Lord of Lord’s and the King of Kings, even in the time of my Dad’s passing. God had me right were He wanted me to be and I will never question that.

Now I ask myself “Just why Lord am I writing all this? – What difference can it make? Then the thought came to my mind; it is for one of you to let you know that no matter what you are walking through the Lord will not leave you, it is just another way He is telling you – that He is working on your behalf and that He loves you in your darkest hours too – as well as telling you He is your help in all your times of need. I can tell you one thing for sure and that is He is always there for His children.

His child and your sister,

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