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Dehydrating Foods

scan0001Times are tough and we need to take a lesson from the 10 virgin in the Bible – remember some were ready and had oil in their lamps and others had to beg for oil and ended up leaving to find oil, when the Bride Groom came – the wise  went in – but the ones who were foolish were left out.

Stop and think about the times in which we are living… if you set aside food for your family and times do get bad, you will have food for your family, if times get better then your pantry has a supply for you still to feed your family from.

There is a web site I highly recommend… have it in my favorites under Tammy’s Dehydrating Site. The site is owned by a lady named Tammy and she has filled it with so many tips and helpful things to help you along your journey of dehydrating, even videos on how to.  You can also find her videos on U-Tube.

You ask — why I am suggesting dehydrating and here is my reason… 1 bushel of tomatoes = 32 quart jars of canned tomatoes –  but that same bushel will dehydrate down to 2 quart jars – it takes much less storage space — not only that but dehydrating retains much more of the enzymes – vitamins and minerals than any other method of preserving your food.

I do not know what will happen, as I am not God but I think God has taught us many times to be prepared. I hope you are among the wise and prepare for what could befall us in America, be ready to care for those you love.


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