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Happy Mother’s Day

My Love

By: Harold F. Mohn

When all the flowers have faded
And fallen fast away,
You’ll find my love unchanging
And constant each new day.

When all the leaves have left the trees
And left them standing bare,
And just for you to share.

When snow and cold pervade the air
And wintertime is here,
My love will always keep you warm
And fill your heart with cheer

Mother Bear and her cubs Public DomainWhat love a mother has for her children, like a mother bear will defend her children to the death. Her eyes are always open for dangers as she tries to teach her cubs to live in a world of woes.

Many mothers since World War II have worked outside their home not only meeting the needs of the home and the children, but helping to make the family living. Now a days many mothers have found ways to stay home and work, some bake, do crafts or sew, while some teach lessons in their homes. I even know of a few who are computer smart and are building them or creating web or blog sites for people. Some sell from their homes their goods, or go to the farmers markets. This way they can stay home with their children, and yet all mothers cannot do this.

Mother’s of today are far different from the mothers of the past, most are not home when the children come home from school. Now these children are either sent to a sitter or are given a key to get into the house quickly and lock the door behind them, and are told not let a soul know they are there alone. Many Mothers do not take their children to church – some send them but never cross the church doorway themselves.

As an artist I think a lot about values, most of you won’t understand what I’m talking about, until I tell you it is shades from white to black and how to translate that to a sheet of paper, or in a painting. Values are the most important part of an artist work. If they are not correct your objects will be flat or your shadows will fall where they should not. Values are more important than color.

Values in a child’s life are also one of the most important things in developing a child into a responsible person, but these values need to be Christian values. Without these values our nation is falling apart at every turn. The people who install these values in a child are the parents and grandparents – schools can’t do it, churches are failing to do it, friends can’t do it. Remember your children are the leaders of tomorrow in this country. Are you raising a liberal or a conservative, are you raising a Christian or a hellion? Take time with your children they are with you for such a short time, you have very few years to instill in them a Christ likeness.

To all the mothers who are reading this today, I challenge you to seek what is important and to let the rest go. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families, enjoying and cherishing each and every moment with them.

Live is short – don’t’ miss out on the hugs and the kisses, or the friendships with them. So often your children grow up – move away – and are so busy in their lives you hardly know their there.

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