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Keep the Truth Constantly Before Your Eyes

path public domainWinslow wrote:

“If Jesus is especially glorified in the faith of His people, let yours be a life of faith in all its minute detail. Live upon Him for spiritual supplies; live upon Him for temporal supplies. Go to Him in dark providences so that you may be kept from sinking; go to Him in bright providences that you may be kept from falling. Go to Him when the path is rough so that you may walk in it contentedly; go to Him when the path is smooth that you may walk in it surely. Let your daily history be to travel to Jesus empty and to return from Jesus filled.

Keep the truth constantly and prominently before your eye, “The just shall live by faith” (Rom. 1:17). If this be so, do not expect that God will ever permit you to live by sight. Bend your whole soul submissively to Him in this matter. Let His will and yours be one. If, in the course of your wilderness journeying, He has brought you into a great difficulty – yea, to the very margin of the sea – still, at His bidding, “go forward,” though it be into that sea. Trust Him to part its water, making a dry passage for your feet and causing those very waves that threatened to engulf you now to prove as a cloud canopying you above, and as walls of strength fencing you in on every side.”

Writers of the past often have so much insight, may we find the time to sit down – read and chew over what they have left as a heritage for us.

I know that A.W. Pink was not as old as many, as he lived from 1886 – 1952 – but his works are written with such truths and easy to understand and in the language of our day. If you get the opportunity to read his works, you will be so blessed.


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