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Man Meditating - Public DomainAfter doing the post yesterday I realized how little I meditate, I think it is a taught discipline that many of us were never taught to do. So I sat and thought on the word “Raised” when Christ rose from the grave. Just what does this little word say?

1. To be able to raise from the dead, one would need to be the giver of life – the Creator
2. He would have to have great authority
3. He would have to be in control of matter
4. He would have to be all powerful
5. He would have to be able to think, reason and able to make decisions
6. He would have to be able to breathe the breath of life into Himself
7. He would have to be God
8. God is all powerful, all mighty, all wise, all knowing, sees all, knows all, loves, hates, creates, sets up kingdoms and destroys them, holy, the deliverer, King, He is Lord and Master, our strength, He has all understanding, He is life, He grants grace, He is our comforter, He is full of glory, He is Lord of all, He cannot die and is everlasting, He is Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end, He is the Creator!
9. Because He lives – I live
10. Because He lives – I am no longer dead in trespasses and sins
11. Because He lives all His promises of eternal life are mine and I know they are true
12. Because He lives I can face tomorrow
13. Because He lives I will see Him face to face.
14. Because He lives His righteousness has been imputed to my account!

If any of you can think of any thing that could be added I would greatly appreciate your comments.

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