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Taken from Stephen Charnock’s book “The Existence and the Attributes of God”:

Here is a good quote for all to think on, it is from Stephen Charnock’s book “The Existence and the Attributes of God”:  

It is true, God’s will cannot be hindered of its effect, for then God would not be supremely blessed, but unhappy and miserable : all misery ariseth from a want of that which a nature would have, and ought to have : besides, if anything could frustrate God’s will, it would be superior to him : God would not be omnipotent, and so would lose the perfection of the Deity, and consequently the Deity itself ; for that which did wholly defeat God’s will, would be more powerful than he. But sin is a contradiction to the will of God’s revelation, to the will of his precept: and therein doth naturally tend to a superiority over God, and would usurp his omnipotence, and deprive him of his blessedness. For if God had not an infinite power to turn the designs of it to his own glory, but the will of sin could prevail, God would be totally deprived of his blessedness. Doth not sin endeavor to subject God to the extravagant and contrary wills of men, and make him more a slave than any creature can be? For the will of no creature, not the meanest and most despicable creature, is so much crossed, as the will of God is by sin (Isa. xliii. 24): ” Thou hast made me to serve with thy sins:” thou hast endeavored to make a mere slave of me by sin. Sin endeavors to subject the blessed God to the humor and lust of every person in the world.Stephen Charnock’s

Take time to think and ponder:

When we stubborn, unregenerate, measly, nonrepentant, and sinful humans believe we who have violated God’s Moral laws have the right, and a free will, to override God and choose Him and grant ourselves salvation, we make ourselves a God, because we believe we can checkmate God and that He doesn’t have the power to do anything about it. Nor would He be Sovereign with the power to choose (elect) whom He wants to save. When one believes he or she can checkmate God they are on VERY dangerous ground.


Excalibur Food Dehydrator


Excalibur Food Dehydrator

You are asking, why in the world would I put this on my site, and I guess you could say, I believe that we are to help each other and when we find something that will help us in our journey here on earth we should share it with our sisters and brothers in Christ. I don’t get anything for putting this on my site but it could be a help to you. here is Excalibur’s official web site. I have also placed it in my FavoritesExcalibur’s Offical Site

If you order an Excalibur I suggest you buy it from Excalibur’s official site, you may call them as we did, however ordering from them you actual are assured of receiving your dehydrator.

A friend named Tammy  ordered from another site and never received her unit. She then placed an order direct from the Excalibur’s official site. Tammy knows of others who ordered from other web sites aswell and didn’t get there units either. We ordered our directly from Excalibur without any troubles at all.

I have one Excalibur which I have only had for a few months and also have a 20 year old Vita Mix Harvester stackable dehydrator which you can’t buy anymore. Although, there are other units that are stackable on the market.

I love both of my machines, however I cannot use frozen foods in my stackable dehydrator because the fan and the motor are in the bottom, then when the foods drip it destroys the motor and fan. So do not use frozen foods in a stackable unit… the Excalibur fan and motor are in the back of the unit so when frozen foods drip it does not harm the machine.

The Excalibur comes with a timer or without depending on which you want.

Oh speaking of Tammy she does a LOT of dehydrating and she has two Excaliburs and is getting another one for Christmas this year, she not only dehydrates for her family but for others. She also has a web site you can go to at: – you will really enjoy this site. I have also placed it in my Favorites under Tammy’s Dehydrating Site 



Dehydrating Foods

scan0001Times are tough and we need to take a lesson from the 10 virgin in the Bible – remember some were ready and had oil in their lamps and others had to beg for oil and ended up leaving to find oil, when the Bride Groom came – the wise  went in – but the ones who were foolish were left out.

Stop and think about the times in which we are living… if you set aside food for your family and times do get bad, you will have food for your family, if times get better then your pantry has a supply for you still to feed your family from.

There is a web site I highly recommend… have it in my favorites under Tammy’s Dehydrating Site. The site is owned by a lady named Tammy and she has filled it with so many tips and helpful things to help you along your journey of dehydrating, even videos on how to.  You can also find her videos on U-Tube.

You ask — why I am suggesting dehydrating and here is my reason… 1 bushel of tomatoes = 32 quart jars of canned tomatoes –  but that same bushel will dehydrate down to 2 quart jars – it takes much less storage space — not only that but dehydrating retains much more of the enzymes – vitamins and minerals than any other method of preserving your food.

I do not know what will happen, as I am not God but I think God has taught us many times to be prepared. I hope you are among the wise and prepare for what could befall us in America, be ready to care for those you love.


The Throne of Grace – Prayer by Henery Law

Today’s Puritan Audio Devotional:
The Throne of Grace

This will draw your heart near to God.


Let us think of these things, and entreat the Lord to cast the salt of His grace into the fountain of our hearts–that the streams of our conversation may be wholesome. (John Newton)

Bio – John Newton


John Newton – slave trader, poet, and preacher. (1725 – 1807)


John Henry Newton Jr. born in Wapping, London, son of John Henry Newton Sr. and Elizabeth Newton (nee Seatclife). His father a shipmaster in the Mediterranean service was educated at Jesuit College in Spain .His mother a godly women, brought John up as a Nonconformist Christian and dedicated him to the Lord and His ministry. When John was six, his mother died of tuberculosis. His father remarried the following year. The stepmother didn’t pay much attention to John and his needs so when he was 9 he was sent to a boarding school for two years and at the age of 11 he went to sea with his father for a total of six voyages. John became a teenager raised in a godless surrounding. After the six voyages his father retired, and his father planned for John to take up a position as a slave master at a sugar plantation in Jamaica however, in 1743 he became a captain of a slave-ship himself. 

John’s life sounds like a movie with being forced to join the naval service, trying to escape, being caught and flogged 96 times, contemplating suicide, put on another ship called the Pegasus where he again is in trouble for making a deal with a slave traitor named Amos Clowe, who was married to an African duchess named Princess Peye. Both Clowe and his wife abused him terrible. Newton later remembered this as the time he was “once an infidel and libertine, a servant of slaves in Africa.” Now, John’s father is looking for him, and had asked a captain friend of his to keep and eye out for him, he was found and rescued from his bondage. Next upon a ship heading home, a terrible storm cames up awakens him as the ship was filling with water, he cries out to God – upon that moment the Lord touched his heart, although it was not with salvation at  this point in time – oh the goodness of God as He worked in John’s life and heart! Surviving this ordeal he began to read the Bible.  He turned away from gambling, drinking and profanity; though he continued to work in the slave industry he had a compassion now for the slaves he was dealing with. John said “I cannot consider myself to have been a believer in the full sense of the word, until a considerable time afterwards.” 

Next in his this very unusual life John returns to England and a friend of his father’s hires him as his first mate, once again on a slave trading vessel. This ship was now bound for the West Indies off the coast of Guinea. In 1748-49 John became sick with a fever and finally professed total belief in the Lord and asked God to take control of his life. John marks this as his conversion and at this point he said he now had total peace, the amazing grace of God and how mysteriously are His ways.  

On February 12, 1750 John married his live long friend and distant cousin Mary Catlett, who he had been in love with since he was seventeen. Now he goes back to sea and after three more trips to trade slaves and after having a stroke, he stopped this type of employment but continued to invest his monies in the trade business. With time on his hands he began to study Hebrew, Greek and Syriac and became known as a lay minister, seven years later was ordained into the Church of England.  Through a series of things he is finally ordained makes friends with George Whitefield and picks up the nickname of “Young Whitefield.” He also became friends with John Wesley. He was called a moderate Calvinist or a hidden one because of the debates of the day. Newton held strong objection to secular amusement and did not tolerate the Roman Catholic Chruch and its false teachings. 

In December 1790 his dear wife passed away from cancer. In “Letters to a Wife” (2 columns) you can read of his love for his wife. Though his faculties failed him with age, being elderly and blind he continued to preach,. He said he could not stop. On December of 1807 Mr. Newton died and was buried next to his wife at St. Mary Woolnoth. Later in 1893 both bodies were move to Olney, as the church at St. Mary’s removed all those buried there.  

John Newton was a great hymnist and writer – writing one of our best known hymns – Amazing Grace.