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Riding the Waves

Noah Public DomainYou know how you can read the Scriptures over and over and miss something so neat, well that happened to me this morning. I am reading a little 3 X 5 book by F.B. Meyer called “Our Daily Homily.” This little book is just filled with rose petals that are dropped at our feet. Oh what a wonderful fragrance and joy I have received form it. I was on page 8 under the section God remembered Noah where I read: “He could not forget, because He rode the waters with His child. – He said, “Come thou into the Ark,” evidently He was inside; and when it is said that God shut him in, it was from inside that the door was locked. Whatever happened to Noah was an experience from his Almighty Friend. They had walked together on the earth; they now shared together the seclusion of the Ark. God is identified in the experiences of His saints. Their pangs, and tears and waiting – hours are His. He can no more forget, than a mother her sucking child.”

I sat there and thought – I knew that God was the one who shut the door, but I never knew it was shut from the inside…I never knew God was in the Ark as well. I went to my Bible and there it was Genesis 7: 1 where God says “And the Lord said unto Noah, “Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.” There it was the one word “Come” – it means that the Lord was inside and bidding Noah to come in with his family to be with the LORD. So they did ride – the waters together.

Think and Ponder, if God rode the waves with Noah don’t you think He will ride the waves in your life too?
Love you all dearly,

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