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The Sovereignty of God # 6

Mose public domainExcerpt from “The Attributes of God” By Arthur W. Pink

“It was God in the exercise of His high sovereignty which placed Satan and his angels, Adam, and Israel in their respective responsible positions. But so far from His sovereignty taking away responsibility from the creature, it was by the exercise thereof that He placed them on this conditional footing, under such responsibilities as He thought proper; by virtue of which sovereignty, He is seen to be God over all. Thus, there is perfect harmony between the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of the creature. Many have most foolishly said that it is quite impossible to show where divine sovereignty ends and creature accountability begins. Here is where creature responsibility begins—in the sovereign ordination of the Creator. As to His sovereignty, there is not and never will be any “end” to it!”

It is God who decides about all of His creation, remember He is the Master Potter and we are but clay. Remember too that it is God who decided he wanted to create the littlest of creatures and the great white bears. It is He who decided to create a vase universe and to divide the world with land and water, it was He who chose to create angels of all different positions and to make and place mankind under the angels now in time, but when the world comes to an end we will be higher than an angel. God is great and God is good. And we can trust Him with all that He has done and is doing. To God be all the glory.


With permission from Grace Gems –

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